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    Do You want to eran some £CASH And spend it the way You like?

    We are open to public business and we will buy all sort of used and new clothing from You.
    We will pay £0.45 per 1kg of used/new clothing.
    Just bring it to us.

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    How to do it?

    Just bring it to us!
    We will weight it and pay You as much as there is straight away!

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    What do we take?

    Small list of required items:
    -clothes (£0.45/1kg)
    -paired shoes (£0.45/1kg)
    -handbags, belts (£0.45/1kg)
    -books (£0.02/1kg)

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    What we can not take:

    -unppaired shoes

FORTUNE Eximports

Fortune Eximports Ltd. was started in the February 1996, along with the time and circumstance development and progress was imminent, hence was restructured to Eximports standards in the year 2001 by improving grading, introducing new machineries and by bringing in professional management. Fortune Eximports was made to a Limited company.

Thinking every thing in business was settled but day by day, everyday it turned out to be a new challenge of different type.

It didn’t stop there, since than, new countries kept joining European Union, travel became easy and trade restriction where reduced Demand for English clothing kept day on increasing day by day along with quality of rags falling it to its knees.

Demand V/S supply equation pushed the prices to its highest.

During this period reputation in spit of crises profitability crises Fortune Eximports Ltd. stick to its quality and grading which gave real good reputation in the market, it added few more starts on its shoulder. Constant pressure to supply with goods and due to high cost of purchases prices of raw materials; It was decided to increase collections of rags.

Fleet of vehicles, Drivers, helpers where increased and along with the time Fortune Eximports Ltd and its associates managed finalize more contracts with local Hospices, Charities, Councils and was successful in raising funds for their co-operating suppliers. All our rags are from several different charities, hospices and its shops based all over England. Success of collections of used clothing and shoes, Fortune Eximports Ltd succeed in creating more job opportunity.

All project has been taken care bearing the environment issues and policies in mind and with the object of reducing waste, reducing carbon footprint and savings recyclable product ending up in lands filled. Almost, all second hand clothing, bric or brac collected from the shops of charitable institution is being recycled.

Today, Fortune Eximports Ltd., is collecting used clothing and shoes and are consuming majority of its collections consumed in its own plants.