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    Do You want to eran some £CASH And spend it the way You like?

    We are open to public business and we will buy all sort of used and new clothing from You.
    We will pay £0.45 per 1kg of used/new clothing.
    Just bring it to us.

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    How to do it?

    Just bring it to us!
    We will weight it and pay You as much as there is straight away!

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    What do we take?

    Small list of required items:
    -clothes (£0.45/1kg)
    -paired shoes (£0.45/1kg)
    -handbags, belts (£0.45/1kg)
    -books (£0.02/1kg)

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    What we can not take:

    -unppaired shoes

mc4c.com is a part of Fortune Eximports Ltd.

Here at Fortune Eximports Ltd we collect unsorted originals.

We do sort our originals in to different categories and export the same to Europe, Africa and Asia.

Whatever excess originals are sold to other sorters like us in England as well as Europe.

We collect our unsorted originals from following sources:

  • Shops of charitable institution
  • Door Step
  • Textile banks
  • Schools & Other community
  • Community Sites
  • Along with our unsorted originals we also collect Used Books, bric or brac, plastics, cardboards etc.

    We believe in providing the best possible services to our customers.

    Member of public who wish to drop a bag or few bags of your unwanted clothing can just turn up to our depot at anytime in between Monday to Friday in between 8AM to 6PM Monday to Friday without notice. Payment will be made in cash.